Peachy keen breakfast muffins…. on the run

Peachy keen breakfast muffins

Today was one of those days, I knew it was coming. First day of classes started again ( college) for most of us it’s a stress filled, excited, and apprehensive day. I honestly was very excited to emerge myself back to late-night studying and bein g surrounded by students of all ages.  The one thing that was a bit difficult was making these muffins at 7 in the morning so I could be in time for class :p

But I want to commit to this blog, for myself, for my passion of writing and cooking, baking…. and for the followers I already have, which makes me so happy to know there are bloggers out there that already took interest in my and my twin’s creations, posts…  So I don’t want to disappoint you and myself..

I will juggle being a full-time student and keep creating recipes which I eat right up afterwards 🙂

I share with my family too, of course!!!

So I had some beautiful peaches in the fridge, good old-fashioned oats and the infamous Coconut Flour..

Muffins it was

Peachy keen breakfast muffins


Peachy Keen breakfast Muffins Recipe:

30 mins in 325 oven ( I used my convection toaster

1/2 cup oats ( quick cooking oats)

1/4 cup coconut flour ( if you want less dense, use less flour)

1/4 almond milk

1/4 cup coconut milk

1 egg

a nice handful of raisins or your favorite sweet granola

a pinch of cinnamon

a handful of shredded coconut ( depends how much you want)

4 Teaspoons of vanilla yogurt or greek vanilla

1 peach ( cut in cubes)

Everything will be incorporated in a bowl and whisked together..

Get your muffin tins and spray with some non-stick butter spray


Voila… enjoy 🙂



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